by senior pastor brian smith


So, what is "Heavy Metal Church", you ask? To put it in a nutshell, we are a non-denomination, Bible-based Church in a comfortable atmosphere with great music! Our congregation consists of people from all walks of life and age groups. We don't care what you wear because we just want you there! Our Church has no racial, ethnic or social status barriers and we could care less about your past or present life. We only care about your FUTURE life in Christ! Most people want God in their lives, but think they must clean up first before coming to Christ... You don't clean up before you jump in the shower, do you? God wants you EXACTLY the way you are at this very moment. As long as you actively seek God, He will actively seek you, and the Holy Spirit will gently clean you up along the way. 

The First Heavy Metal Church of Christ is unlike any Church that you have ever attended, and THAT I can guarantee. It would be an honor if you would visit us someday. Just walk on in, sit back and enjoy the ride.

In Christ, 
Senior Pastor Brian Smith