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Our Volunteers Keep Us Thriving. 

Our congregation is growing rapidly, there's no doubt about it. FHMCC always needs more help than it can get; Whether it be musicians, Heavy Metal Cafe attendants, greeters, or sunday school teachers, we need your support to continue to grow as a community. Please check back for any current openings. We appreciate you! 

For our volunteer positions, an application must be filled out and turned in. You can pick one up at service or call 937-776-4281 for more information..


FHMCC is unique in that we do not have a regular worship team for Sunday services. Instead, we get together with Christian bands or performers of any and all genres, from Blues, Acoustic, to Hard Rock, and invite them to come and worship with us. This system provides FHMCC with a variety of talents, unique voices, and Godly hearts to bring fresh energy to each and every worship session. If you or your band would like to come provide worship for our church, call the Heavy Metal Hotline at 937-776-4281 or email us at today!

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