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A Holy Game Of Chess...

There's a place dead South of Heaven that was never created for humans... It was created for a military genius that betrayed his creator and was kicked out of the family. This same defector took 1/3 of the tribe with him.

The defector could not overpower the Creator in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM but he was crafty enough to figure out how to hurt the creator's heart... Cause his most recent and prized creation to stumble, fall and share the same fate of he and his outcast of losers...

However, the Creator who is much smarter and even more creative became one of us to redeem us to Himself!

The military genius thought he was smarter than the creator and had Christ killed in shame, but at the very nanosecond that Christ drew his final breath, it was the military genius that figured out that he indeed had been played as the fool and just played into the eternal CHECKMATE in God's Holy and Eternal game of chess thus creating a bridge for us to cross over into Heaven after we live this tainted cesspool of satanic shit....

Yeah, that's the creator we serve here at the FHMCC! Not some mean prick that sits at an ant hill on a sunny day with a magnifying glass just waiting for us to screw up…

Don't be duped by the lies and deception of Lucifer. He is the one that caused all of this... He is the one that makes God look silly by using His own followers to be self-righteous, judgmental and holier than thou...

Please join us!!!

And with all of that being said...

Are you TRULY saved and a Christ Follower? Meaning that you have confessed out loud that Jesus is Lord, you believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead and you have repented and asked forgiveness of all your sin?

It’s sad, but I have met COUNTLESS people that will say that they are a Christian or that they believe but have NEVER prayed and asked Christ into their hearts… Satan almost had them fooled!

I will also hear the following answers when asked, “ARE YOU SAVED” ?

“Well I think so”----“I was baptized as a kid”----"Well I went to church all of the time when I was younger”-----"I think so”------ “What does saved mean” ?

These are only a few I have received throughout the years…

Listen people, the enemy is a Military Genius and deceiver…

If I ask you a question that pertains to your ETERNAL HOME, don’t you think you should know this answer with 100% Accuracy?

Let’s try this again. Are you 100% without a shadow of a doubt saved? If you cannot honestly answer yes, answer these simple questions:

Do you believe Jesus walked the Earth? Do you believe He was tortured and then murdered on a Cross for your sins? Do you believe that God raised Him from the dead 3 days later?

This is ALL YOU MUST CONFESS AND BELIEVE to have your name written I the Lambs Book of Life but MANY think they are good with it all and really they are not..

If you truly believe everything I just mentioned, please stop what you are doing, turn off the TV/Radio and say this simple prayer out loud:

Dear God

I confess now that Jesus Christ is Lord

I believe in my heart that you raised Him from the dead

Father, please forgive me for all of my sins

Please cover my sins with the Blood of Jesus

Please guide my steps from this day forward and help me lead a life that is pleasing to you

I give my heart and life to you

I say this all in Jesus Name…. AMEN

If you just prayed that and meant it YOU ARE SAVED…

Start actively seeking God and He will actively seek you! You can do this by prayer and start reading the Bible… Start in the NEW TESTAMENT and stay outta the old for now.. Start in Matthew and then skip over to Acts and then keep going to the end…

Buy a used copy of the book Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge on Amazon for @ $7.00 total… This will show you the human side of Jesus and make Him more relatable to you…

Then find a good group of peeps that teach the truth in love without adding or taking anything away from God’s Word… Basically go “church shopping” and don’t get discouraged because you will find a lot of mean, prude, uppity, self-righteous, legalistic ass holes out there!!! If you find these types, LEAVE and keep shopping until God places you in one..

Church doesn’t get you to Heaven. What you just prayed gets you to Heaven but now you are a BABY IN CHRIST and you need to learn and grow. If you cannot find one, join us every Sunday on Facebook Live at NOON until you do!

And lastly, if you just received Christ for the very first time would you please private message us and let us know? We want to celebrate with you and send you a FREE gift…

Take care and we will see you in Heaven someday!

~Brian Smith~

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