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Hello My Name Is Judas And So Is Yours!

Everyone wants to paint Judas in such a horrible light, but in reality, we are much worse than Judas…


Judas was only with Jesus and the boys for maybe 3 or no more than 3 and a half years. 


Judas was always within arm’s reach of Jesus which meant that he was probably more on his BEST behavior than not..


As far as the Bible teaches us, there is only one recorded betrayal that Judas committed. 


Sure, it was a HUGE sin, but was it? Sin is sin is sin, remember? 


Judas gave the gold back and was so filled with guilt and or conviction, he killed himself. 


People automatically assume he is in Hell, but remember this: 


1.        The Bible never mentions suicide, so we can only speculate if that is unforgiveable..

2.       Judas probably repented from the time he dropped the gold until the time his neck snapped..

3.       During that time he was probably more repentant than you or I have ever been.

4.       He only had 3 years with Jesus but many of us have had a lifetime.

5.       Think of that special sin or that you trip up on over, and over, and over, and over, and over again! How many times have you HALF-ASSED repented for it without passion because you stumble on it so much? That equals BETRAYAL because your special sin is equivalent to pre-meditated murder.. Just like Judas' kiss!

6.       We betray God DAILY and don’t even realize it half the time. 

7.       People are more worried about the church family knowing their true self, and don’t realize Jesus is by your side seeing the real you 24/7/365!


I am Judas… You are Judas…. 


Now REPENT and get off your ass and start evangelizing!  

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