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Most Christians Suck...

Prescription medication abuser Karen at church is talking about Lisa that smokes weed before church and smells of Marijuana.

450-pound James who is an Elder at the Church, stands on the porch talking about 200-pound weight lifter David standing by his car smoking a cigarette in the church parking lot…

28-year-old Margaret with 5 kids by 3 different men and divorced 3 times who sings on the worship team is talking about 19-year-old Jill who is living with her boyfriend now out of wedlock and is engaged to be married next year…

You “Christians” better STOP! Your behavior does NOT represent Jesus! You actually represent the Pharisees that tortured and murdered Him…

Everyone sitting around and GOSSIPPING about everyone else’s sins while blind to your own sins that you do not recognize AND/OR acknowledge!!!

Worry about yourself and let God worry about them… We all have our own lives to work out... Stop judging and start loving! Work out YOUR OWN salvation with fear and trembling and maybe just maybe if you did this your church world GROW instead of staying stagnate and eventually dying off…

There is a reason America is now considered a post Christian Nation and Christians just like YOU are the cause!

Yes, Christians are why the church is empty!

Welcome to the First Heavy Metal Church of Christ! A group of real people with real struggles that may cuss a little…

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1 Comment

God Free
God Free
Nov 09, 2021

This is excellent! I am guilty of it. I've had it done to me. Sad.

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