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Upon Us All A Little Rainn Must Fall...

Well for starters I LOVE Rainn Wilson’s character on “The Office” and the one comedy where he is a drummer and a lot of other work he has done but I feel I need to address this because here is a prime example of Lucifer turning people away from the one true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob because by using ignorant followers and poor ambassadors of Christ…

I did some digging and Rainn is a part of the Bahá'í religion which was founded in the mid 1800’s…

It’s simply another belief that tells you all roads get you to Heaven and may be unique in the way that it accepts all other faiths as true and valid. Bahá'ís accept the divine nature of the missions of Abraham, Moses, Zoroaster, the Buddha, Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad.

They claim to want a “unified world order” which is nothing more than code the one world religion, one world government and one world currency that was prophesied a few thousand years ago in our Bibles..

If you would like more info on this cult, check it for yourself here:

I am writing this because I want to address the things that he accused us of one by one… I feel he is being pretty arrogant here especially coming from a rich man worth $16 Million Dollars..

He makes us all sound like inbred, redneck scum that runs around with a MAGA hat yelling “Murica F#@K Yeah!!!”

1. Gun rights are a MUST… America is the only Country of it’s kind that has ever existed… All countries that have ever existed have been run by Kings, Queens, Dictators, Communists, Marxists and any other hierarchy that treats the common man like dirt and prospers off the sweat and hard work of the little guy. If they take away our guns the only people that would have them are the criminals and the government…

People will say that Jesus would be anti-gun if He were here today and that is just plain stupid.. No trust me when I say that Jesus was NOT some wussy passive hippy because if God is the same yesterday, today and forever just like His Word teaches, than Jesus would be totally willing to open a can of whoop ass if needed… I mean just look at the temple square. He knocked over tables and chased people around with whips…

He states that people who causes children to sin needs to have an anchor tied around their necks and drowned in the sea… Passive hippy? Uh huh… Please walk away from the crack pipe..

A lot of people try to bring up the fact and assume that Jesus was anti defense because He told Peter to put his sword down and he immediately healed the soldiers ear during the final scene at the Garden of Gethsemane…

For starters, if that were true why would Peter have a sword in the first place? No Jesus knew that His time had come and they were surrounded… Peter was ready to die protecting Jesus and that is what would have happened.. Jesus was saving Peter’s AND the other disciples lives because they would be needed in the years to come…

So yes I am for freedom and for being able to defend myself against all enemies foreign and domestic! Even a founding father of America said, "Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God" and I aim on keeping it that way Mr. Wilson.. Oh and THANK YOU Kyle for showing the world why we need rifles with magazines that hold more than 10 bullets.. That would be the only chance we have to defeat an attempted tyrannical takeover..

2. The Prosperity Gospel is a FALSE DOCTRINE so we are definitely on the same page there… Any Christian that believes in it and pursues it has been deceived and follows a false Jesus so please don’t push that one off on all Christians..

3. Anti-Science? We are not anti-Science Mr. Wilson… We believe that God created science to use as he pleases… I believe in the BIG BANG… God said, “Let There Be Light” and BANG there was light… You say that you and others like you are “All About The Science” but watching this F-ouchie shit show go on for months now and the fact you guys will scream science science science but neglect to believe in the Chromosome FACT of biological males and females has me thinking it is YOU PEEPS that wanna cherry pick the science to suit your freakshow agenda..

Nope Mr. Wilson, I/we believe in science 100% so please don’t confuse intelligent Christ followers with flat earthers and snake handlers..

4. Of course we want limited government! Just look at what too much government has done for us since January 20th 2021… Need I say more? Keep up the great work Brandon!

5. Yup you have us there man… Unfortunately 95% of first world Christians have become spoiled, complacent, entitled and look NOTHING like the Jesus they claim to serve… Lucifer is definitely a worthy adversary and has just made a horrible mess of things since the true Church went underground and the luked down, power hungry, money hungry business machine AKA Catholicism was founded and was allowed to stay in Rome around 70 A.D. and don’t get me started with all the denominations that took the scene starting in 1607 with the Baptists and ending in 1968 with the Methodists but even through that confusing shit show, a remnant of the true church has always stayed intact and will most definitely resurface again here someday soon when the final pieces of this “great reset” is revealed… This will cause the true church to wake up and realize that regardless if your sign says Baptist or Pentecostal, we are in fact all on the same team and a combined effort of evangelism shall begin…

6. And last but not least we have “Fierce Nationalism”? Here is the definition just to make sure I understand where you are coming from:

Nationalism is the identification with one's own nation and support for its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations.

"their nationalism is tempered by a desire to join the European Union"

Nope! Even with all of our flaws, America has been the greatest help to poorer nations than any other Nation in history… Christians have helped more causes overseas than any other organization in history..

If you are referring to our “America First” beliefs, that is because we have been getting bent over the counter and pounded for years by all of these so called super powers for years… Countries that will not keep there end of the deals that are made causing us to pay more than anyone else..

The fact that Americans have to produce goods overseas in evil empires because our corrupt government makes it nearly impossible for a man or woman to manufacture here in America thus shipping American jobs overseas…

I could keep going on and on but America has been infiltrated by a corrupt globalist agenda and politicians from the left AND the right are all involved. There are only a few politicians left in our system that truly care about the people and are not getting rich because they are corrupting the system so that they can live like kings while they destroy the Middle Class right before our eyes, once again destroying the common man’s chance for success and a prosperous life…

Mr. Wilson you are RICH so no matter what happens to America, you will be ok. As far as the rest of us go, I’ll let you do the math… What kind of government do you have when there are only rich people and poor people?

I am a Christ follower FIRST and then a Proud Patriot, Heterosexual American Male that believes in border walls with LEGAL immigration… I believe in my right to protect myself and my loved ones with brute force if we happen to be in the crosshairs of someone that is out to break man’s laws AND God’s laws against us be it civilian or government…

I believe one should work for what they have and not be allowed to use welfare as a lifelong source of income as well as creating generations of future welfare recipients. Most anything FREE loses its value and becomes taken for granted and expected..

Sadly I believe that America is too far gone and will never return but no matter what, the order of my priorities are God, Family, Country so you are wrong Mr. Wilson….

Rock On,

From a Pissed Off Pastor in Dayton, Ohio…

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